2022. 04. 21.


 I was planning it for quite a while, bought the yarn last september and started this sweater right away. But as with many things when the design posed some difficulties I abandoned it and  quickly began a new project. Some rather nice pieces of clothing were knitted or crocheted but this yellow-grey sweater had to wait half a year for its turn. Last weekend I decided that one of the UFOs has to be finished and have chosen this for its spring yarn (Rosarios4 Jardim, 45% cotton-55% superwash merino). Mostly my color choices cover the earth colors but I fell in love with this yellow shade and was inspired by this sweater and this cardigan. It was knitted in one piece, first the yellow part, bottom up in circles, then the grey parts added top down. All the edges are finished with attatched I-cords. I had to learn Provisional Cast On to be able to continue the grey at the bottom after the yellow part was done. And also had to figure out how to decrease 8 stitches in a row with Stacked Decrease, to form the sleeves. This sweater looks very simple, but it was really comlicated and I had to frog it at several places but it was worth it. 

2021. 12. 18.

"Kagylók" pulcsi újra / "Shells" Sweater Again

I started this jumper back in May (I even showed the start to you), then I had to order some more yarn to it, then summer came and it was too hot to knit, then a lot of other projects were on my mind and therefore became more interesting, etc. But finally I got to finishing it and my daughter is wearing it proudly. She was the one to choose the colours of the beautiful Stone Washed shades for it. It is another trial with modular knitting, I think I'm getting the hang of it. This time I had taken a lot of pics and made notes, so the pattern is under preparation.

2021. 11. 14.

Entrelac pulcsi /Entrelac Jumper

My version of entrelac sweater made top down in one piece without seams. My first time using Nako Vals and I'm absolutely in love with it. The colours blend into each other smoothly and in my opinion it was made for this design.


2021. 11. 13.

Leveles pulcsi / Leafy Sweater

My new "Leafy" jumper from Wanderlust Reykjavik 461 has been ready for a while, I almost forgot to show it to you. It is made with modular swing knitting, no pattern. I was just experimenting this technique, and after many trials and frogging came up with it. I love the yarn and the way the colors form the leaves. Of course the neckline is finished with my new favourite way of doing it: I-cord.

Wanderlust Reykjavik fonalból készült az új "Leveles" pulcsim. Már egy ideje kész van, majdnem elfelejtettem megmutatni nektek. Jó sok próbálkozás és bontás után született meg saját agymenés alapján. Szerintem erre a moduláris swing kötéstechnikára született ez a fonal. A nyakkivágást I-corddal szegélyeztem, ez az új kedvenc módszerem erre a célra.


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