2021. 02. 15.

Zokni 1/ Socks 1

My first, but not last pair of socks. 100%
wool for the cold days.
Pattern from here.


3 szín pulóver /3 Colour Jumper

Már kész is a következő. Még soha nem csináltam ilyet, hogy három különböző fonalat egybefogva kötök belőle. A két szürke, egyik bontott zsenília, a másik félig-meddig bontott mochair itthon várta évek/évtizedek óta sorsát. Viszont az Alize Forever Simlit direkt hozzájuk rendeltem, és úgy érzem telitalálat lett. Hát, a három együtt nem éppen vékony, 8-as tűvel kötöttem, de csak azért, mert nincs vastagabb. de legalább gyorsan haladt, egy nap alatt lett kész.
My next creation is ready. I was doing a new experiment and knitted with three different yarns as one. A light grey mohair, a middle dark grey Chenille, both from my stash, brands unknown, and and ordered escpecially to match them this bright Alize Forever Simli for a touch of sparkle. Needle size 8, just because I do not have any bigger, so it was a quick project, done in a day.


2021. 01. 26.

Kagylók / Shells

So it is ready. I enjoyed every minute of knitting it. Yarn: Scheepjes, Our Tribe, The Curio Crafts Room colour. I think I have a new favourite winter yarn, and a new favourite jumper. It is my own pattern, but I'm not sure I'll ever put it on paper, or Word doc. or Pdf file either. I'm just too stingy with my time for that, I spend it rather knitting, beading or crocheting. But if there were great demand I might reconsider my decision.

2021. 01. 13.

Knitted or Woven?

I ordered this yarn for a sweater but had difficulty to make up my mind on the pattern I should do. After several short row type of patterns, I decided against it, because the yarn is so thin that to get a decent thickness I had to use either very thin needles and therefore it could take ages to finish a project, or double or triple the yarn, but the that would mean to loose the sectional colorway it gives. Fortunaly this herringbone technique requires at least twice the size in needles than ordinary knitting, makes up faster and because of its unique character of crossing the stiches is has that woven looking finish and also more substantial weight. It is still the first ball of yarn (Ören Bayan, Agora Batik 100g/520m) and only less than half of it is knitted. For sure I won't need all the 5 balls I've bought.
You can find this pattern on several you tube channels, just type in herringbone knit.

2021. 01. 02.

Kagylók /Shells

My new "Shells" Sweater in progress. Beaddict design.

A surprise for myself. I've been eying this yarn (Scheepjes Our Tribe, The Curio Crafts Room) forever and now finally I ordered and started my "Shells" sweater. I'll show it to you when ready. I was inspired by several similar patterns, and decided to create one of my own.

2020. 12. 31.

"Új kaland" pulcsi / "New Adventure" Sweater

Pattern from here: https://hu.pinterest.com/pin/531917405993854854/

Instead of monocolor I tried to imitate a randomly vowen textile structure. Used four types of mochair- wool-acrylic  yarns, all leftovers, sitting in my stash for years without any labels. Knitted with 4mm needles. It was a belated Christmas present.


2020. 12. 19.

Téli kiegészítők 2 / Winter Accessories 2

Another hat & scarf for her from Milly Due, a soft heavenly yarn from Borgo de Pazzi.
Patterns by Beaddict


2020. 12. 12.

Téli kiegészítők / Winter Accessories

Scarf with short row technique.

Hat & scarf for her and him from Milly Due, a soft heavenly yarn from Borgo de Pazzi.
All patterns by Beaddict


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