2016. 09. 04.

Lepidolit virágok / Lepidolite Flowers

First there was this pattern and then this bracelet was born. The pink lepidolite stone beads make it definitely enchanted and they look marvelous with fancy jasper centres. 

But somehow the square elements of the bracelet didn't look so great as earrings so I went on trying and trying and found this. Well, of course I had to change some things: mine has only 6 petals, has a centre bead and continued beading around with the matte green beads 
I used in the bracelet to make a match. 

And then I wanted a big beaded bead as a pendant, but I'm stuck,because I would need 15/o seed beads of brownish rose colour (in the  bracelet and earrings I have them in size 11/o) to bead around the lepidolite beads, but I can't find any anywhere. The pattern of this beaded bead is my own, but to be able to finish it I have to find a different colour combo. 

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