2018. 08. 13.

Gyöngyöt horgoltam / Bead Crochet

"Harlequin" szett / "Harlequin" set

A szetthez illő fülbevaló peyote technikával készült.
The matching earrings were made in peyote.

"Metallica" nyaklánc / "Metallica" necklace

.... és még egy nyaklánc.
...and one more necklace.

Még helyre kell igazítani néhány gyöngyöt. Talán a bőrvarrócérna amire horgolok túl vékony, de azt hiszem erősebb a sokak által használt hímzőnél.
It still needs some popping out the beads, to make it right. Probably the thread I use is too thin for proper bead crochet, but somehow I think it is stronger than the usual embroidery thread everyone uses.

2018. 07. 29.

"Summit" stóla / "Summit" Shawl

Még a tél végén lett kész ez a  Mandie Harrington mintája alapján készített sál. Rövid soros technikával kötöttem, jó móka volt. Biztos lesz folytatás.

I knitted this shawl at the end of winter following the pattern of Mandie Harrington. It was made with short rows, and I had fun making it. There are others to follow.

2018. 07. 18.

"Sophie's Universe" Cardigan

I crocheted a cardigan for my daughter. I adapted Dedri Uys's "Sophie's Universe" CAL, and added quite and amount of extra rows here and there plus the sleeves. The original pattern is available at several sites e.g. here: http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/.../sophies-universe-cal.../
or you can watch it on YouTube (as I did).
It took several months to finish, 'cause I got bored with it sometimes. and also tried several versions for the sleeves until I said yes to the end result.

 Here I started to leave slits for the sleeves.

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