2021. 01. 13.

Knitted or Woven?

I ordered this yarn for a sweater but had difficulty to make up my mind on the pattern I should do. After several short row type of patterns, I decided against it, because the yarn is so thin that to get a decent thickness I had to use either very thin needles and therefore it could take ages to finish a project, or double or triple the yarn, but the that would mean to loose the sectional colorway it gives. Fortunaly this herringbone technique requires at least twice the size in needles than ordinary knitting, makes up faster and because of its unique character of crossing the stiches is has that woven looking finish and also more substantial weight. It is still the first ball of yarn (Ören Bayan, Agora Batik 100g/520m) and only less than half of it is knitted. For sure I won't need all the 5 balls I've bought.
You can find this pattern on several you tube channels, just type in herringbone knit.

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