2017. 06. 15.

Első vásárom / My Very First Fair

I had a huge stock of ready jewelry, but the displays posed a serious challenge because time was so short. There was no time left to order anything and I didn't even know where to get reasonably gook looking holders. Therefore I had to do it on my own from materials close at hand. The earrings got old picture frames covered in linen and the bracelets were put on cleaned logs of suitable diameter.
The necklace holders are made from the shelves of an old disassembled cupboard covered with burlap, actually glued to it. They have large screws as supporters. My daughter accompanied me and we had a good time.

1 megjegyzés:

  1. Gratulálok! Irigylésre méltó készleted van! És az állványod is milyen szuper!


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