2016. 03. 28.

Lila-zöld-arany karkötő / Purple-Green-Gold Bracelet

This bracelet is my entry to The March Challenge. Actually these colours have been a favourite of mine for long, so this challenge was a must. The three strands can be worn either parallel or plaited. I like them both ways.The purple and green 11/o seed beads are of Czech made and therefore of a bit different size than the matte yellow AB, but I think it is not so noticeable in this design. I also used 8/o and 9/o seed beads and some drucks of corresponding colours. Necklace is being made, I just couldn't decide if it should be just one strand with changing colours, or three parallel strands in the middle. Also I couldn't make up my mind about the earrings yet. Here I applied  embellished tubular herringbone stitch, my own design.

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